Personal Narrative-Mojitos In Summer

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Mojitos in Summer - need I say more? written by: thetet88 Tank tops, shorts, sunglasses, hats, and sand - this can only mean one thing: summer is here! I generally love the warm part of the year and the sun-kissed skin it comes with. This year, however, I feel like it's getting warmer and warmer -- and warmer still! Let's face it, temperature is too high and it is too hot! I ended up staying indoors and cranking up the air conditioner for under a month now. I started to frown when I saw how much it was costing us. My husband saw how annoyed I was and knew that he had to do something before I go ballistic over everything I see. Later, he handed me my swimsuit, a bottle of sun screen, and a towel. I was about to grit my teeth at this gesture but then he smiled and nodded…show more content…
When my husband handed me a jar, I had to use two hands because it was filled to the brim. The ice-cold jar felt so refreshing in my palms that I was thinking of actually hugging it. I took a sip and just like that, I seem to have forgotten why I was so annoyed a while back. I ended up spending the afternoon with my husband by our pool. It was genius the way he made the drink. He loves cherries and I am betting that the handful he used in the beverage came from our yard. I, on the other hand, just can't live without lime. It's my favorite ingredient, my favorite drink, and my favorite flavor. Yes, we have one growing in our yard, as well. The mint, the ice, and the alcohol--- it all works! I now know what to do when the blazing heat starts bearing down: turn that annoyingly hot day into a relaxing summer afternoon. The trick is in the combination of cherry, lime, mint, Mojitos, summer breeze, and a big jar. Oh, and don't forget the ice as big as an iceberg! With this drink in my hand, summer is shaping up to be my favorite time of the
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