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I thought she would never leave me, and especially under these circumstances. We lived in a house in Rogersville Missouri and there was a hole in the floor in the kitchen entering the back deck and pool I did not have a room because they said I did not deserve one. we had a living room with ugly green carpet and the walls looked like fake wood , then tammy and buddy (buddy was the person who did those things to me he is my 2nd adoptive moms, 2nd boyfriend, she only liked him cause he was wealthy I know by the sounds of the house it does not sound like it but they were doing a renovation , we had a boat two jet skis and we had a ford king ranch and a convertible Lexus) had a bedroom with an huge bed and a bathroom with paw prints on the…show more content…
They led me to a room that had a huge camera in the corner of the ceiling and ugly orange shelves there was one of those beds they have at hospitals that you can wash with a washcloth in case of germs.
Kyra was that little girl's name.
One day I went into my therapist's office. (we all had the same therapist I had a bad feeling about her) one day I yelled at her and said “ don’t look at me like that I am not one of these B***’* including you I was just molested and threw out and chosen over an F****** rapist/molester I'm okay I don’t need your help!”
Then a staff member came in and asked what happened I said nothing but Mrs. kay told her everything (did I mention I HATED her?)
They must have told tammy and then tammy must have hated me even more because she came in and argued with the staff and said “why would you believe her she is in here for any reason isn’t she?” they said “I understand your concern but she was legitimately sad and angry towards it” tammy stormed
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Sometimes the simplest things trigger what he did to me.
I just have to learn to cope with it.
Forget it.
Remember God is in Control He will get what is coming to him someday.
I for some reason went to public school but everybody else went to the school at boys and girls town. I went to pipkin middle school just like my sisters. Everyone knew me them so I could never get away. One day I was in Mrs. fine’s classroom ( the closest person in that school to my family) and she asked me if I was ok I said “ yes maybe not to your standards but to mine, yes , and if you can’t tell mine are pretty low”
She responded with “ well I want you to know Emily and Tiana were very excited when they found out they were going to get a little sister”
I looked her straight in the eyes laughed and walked
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