Personal Narrative: Monkey Mind

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A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. Boy does it suck! I am burdened with what the Buddhists call ‘monkey mind’. Thoughts that swing from kingdom to kingdom, stopping only to scratch, spit and howl. Unharnessed, unruly, undisciplined. Drunken monkeys rule my head, jumping, screeching, chattering, all clamouring for their share of attention. It’s amazing the number of million dollar ideas, the old ‘think tank’ can conjure up while in slumber recumbent. I bet ol’ Billy envisioned Microsoft, curled under the sheets, staring at the ceiling, or maybe the windows. The brains a cunning guy you know. Like a cheetah waiting to pounce, he drifts aimlessly till the moment is right for an ambush. He lives for that exact moment right before tranquillity…show more content…
I swear there’s nothing better than a nice warm glass of regret, despair and self-loathing to guide you through a sleepless night. Nothing sharpens your maths like a night spent calculating the minutes of sleep you’ll receive if you fall asleep at that exact moment. I’m sure Professor Lee is not complaining. Pondering for hours (but nowhere near the land of nod), I begin to question the meaning of sleep. How do I go to sleep? Where do thoughts go when they are forgotten? And most importantly, why can’t I fall asleep right now? What amazes me is that in the 21st century we seem to invent degrees and ‘experts’ in a million different fields. From puppetry to parapsychology (the study of ghost busting), we find new ways of solving problems we didn’t even know existed. However, even with the billions poured into research and revolutionising science, not a single effective method has been developed to efficiently nudge our good friend (the brain) into dormancy – other than those horrid, side-effect ridden pills. My mind is swirling with scintillating thoughts and turgid ideas. Filtering through my stream of consciousness, I’m intrigued by the numerous, ridiculous thoughts that wander from one matter to another. I quite fancy the idea of becoming ‘that’ wonder-kid that sends grateful individuals into serene hibernation. It sure seems particularly appealing. One of these million dollar ideas will come to fruition,
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