Personal Narrative: More Interaction Time

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More Interaction Time It has been a while since my family actually came together and did something as a whole. It wasn’t always like this, in the pass we use to come together every weekend and did simple things such as go to the park and just hand out with each other, having fun. For everyone in the family is very important to stay in touch with each other even though we don’t see each other as much as we wish we could. Some of the things that prevent us from having the get together as before is the fact that my parents have eight kids witch some have their own families and not all live in the same area making it hard to come together. The duration of the problem is increasing over time, affecting even the small children’s in the family and …show more content…

The problem has been happening for the past eight years. In the past three months we have spent about one time as a family. There were times that the amount of times we were seen each other was increasing but then something happen that made it hard to get together. Some of the things that did not allowed us to come together were things simple as not enough time, having other planes, and the distance. Even though there some of the family members that could be able to get together it was not the same if everyone was there. If the family continues with the problem it could lead to us not having any family time any …show more content…

When the family is not coming together the children’s are growing up without their family support. If we were having more family time the children’s in the family would be having a greater relationship with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Making it easier to connect with one another when they need it or just to have a good relationship and get together doing something that they enjoy. While the children’s are growing up and they don’t see us interacting then they will feel as if they do not have that family support that everyone needs in the hard times, and eventually they will not be close to their family once they have their own family. The significant of the problem is important to identify for the important of everyone involve in the family. If the problem continues it will be leading to the family disintegration, making even it harder for us to one day come together. Even though we might not notes right know but little by little the family will falling apart. Once the family falls apart and something meager happens we will not know what to do and might even start a bigger problem leading for the family to stop talking to each

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