Personal Narrative: Moving Away From A Team

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I have had a pretty painless life, compared to most people. The only struggles I have had up to this point have been difficult tests, or getting cut from a team. This summer, however I experienced the most humbling moment of my life. One night in the second week of summer, I was at my friend’s house playing an intense game of pickup basketball. The second game of the night began, I checked the ball in not knowing that my life would change for the next 8 months. As I sprinted toward the hoop I felt something that I had never once felt before.
After lying on the ground for several minutes thinking it was going to be okay, you are going to get up and be fine in a few minutes. A few minutes went by and I attempted to walk. I felt the most searing pain that I have ever felt in my knee. Feeling the intense pain, I immediately collapsed back onto the ground. Later that weekend I received an MRI to see for sure that my injury was as bad as it felt. A couple hours after the MRI I received a phone call from my doctor. “Noah, I am sorry to tell you, but you not only tore your anterior cruciate ligament, but also your lateral meniscus.” My larynx sank deep into the depths of my stomach. I was
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I chose surgery because, I was told by the doctor that if I played soccer there was a high probability that I could tear some if not all of the rest of the ligaments and cartilage in my knee. Before surgery, I texted my soccer coach, Coach Lawson. In telling him the unfortunate news, I received nothing but sympathy and uplifting words of encouragement. Now I also had to deal with the fact that I would have to miss out on my senior year soccer season. Coach Lawson then suggested that I might think about managing. Without hesitating I jumped on the opportunity to enjoy the season from the
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