Personal Narrative: Moving Away From God

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I was not exactly thrilled to hear those words, but knew it had come from God. At the time, of course, we thought the vision was about Miranda. I got on my knees before Kevin and told him I knew with my entire heart this test was coming back and we needed to be ready. We would have to walk through this together getting our strength from God. Kevin listened but did not respond.

The next day, I put in the call for the result. Waiting to hear was not my favorite part. Rose waited with me for about four hours. Finally, I called the nurse and she told me Dr. Endo #1 would have to give me the results. I knew something was up. When the results were normal, the nurse always told me. The day passed slowly and no one called. After Kevin
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The endocrinologist was wonderful. He talked really straight to me and seemed pleased with the information I gave him. I asked him what the next step was and he suggested the dex test. I questioned him concerning the fact she does not always have high cortisol. How would that effect the test? He did not know. Then, he told me he had never treated anyone with Cushings before – it was just so rare. He told me I could do the dex test from home. I would have to take her urine for 3 days while giving her medication during specific time intervals. On the last day we would come to the office and they would draw her blood. I was not really certain about the whole thing. I did not like the reliability of the test dependent on my ability to catch her…show more content…
However, I agreed to try. The endocrinologist told me to wait to test her. He wanted to check with the lab to see if the medications she was on for urinary tract infections would affect the test. Also, it was noted medically now Miranda’s blood pressure was high.

I left the office with several orange jugs and many questions. I was not aware Dr. Endo # 1 had never treated Cushings. He seemed wonderful, but I was bothered. If this disease was so difficult to diagnose, I wanted people who had dealt with it. I did not have any direction or even know who might could help her. It was just a concern – not really something I thought I would do anything about. After all, I rationalized, God had sent us to this endocrinologist and he was relatively local.

I did however want to know if the dex test would be a waste of time if Miranda was not in cycle. As soon as I went home, I posted a note on the Cushing’s bulletin board on the internet. Somebody responded to me and told me to check with the NIH. They could give me the information I needed. I had never heard of the NIH before and was not sure what it was. I simply typed NIH and “go” into the internet. It took me to the National Institute of Health. Although I was not familiar with anything, I retrieved a phone number after some
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