Personal Narrative: Moving Back To A Specific Day

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Many people wish they could go back in time to relive a specific day. There are various reasons why people would want to go back to a moment in time. For some, it may be the birth of a child or their wedding day. But I would choose to spend one day with a loved one, who has passed away. This particular day would be my last fishing trip with my Papaw. It was early fall in 2011. I drove to my Ne-Ne and Papaws house. My Papaw and I had planned to spend the day out at Club Lake. We gathered our fishing poles and tackle boxes and put them in the boat. My Ne-Ne had made us some sandwiches to have for a snack. We put them in the ice chest as we got in the truck. As we got to the lake, I jumped out of the truck to help unload the boat.

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