Personal Narrative: Moving Into A Home

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What happened in that house
Daniel: When you get married you are expected to move into a house right away with your spouse and live happily ever after. That is what I expected to happen when I moved in with my new wife and our son on the way. We had been looking for a house in Atlanta, but we had not had much luck in finding a perfect home to raise our son in that was within our price range. We have been living in a one bedroom apartment, it is just not big enough for the three of us. One day I saw an ad in the paper for a home in Ansley Park historic homes and estates. The house was priced so low for the way it looked and it’s location. I told Lila about it was soon as I saw, right away we called our real estate agent to go and look at the home. As soon as we set foot in that house I knew, we were going to raise our son there, this was going to be our home forever. The home was beautiful the outside was covered with white brick, there was a grand double door opening, there was even a grand foye, it was mansion. At first I was wondering why the price was so low but Lila told me to forget about it and that I did. We put in an offer on the house right away, we waited two long weeks before we found out that the owners had accepted our offers. We moved in two months before Lila’s due date. The first room
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I have just been laying around the house all week, I hate it I am the type of person that likes to walk around and get stuff done, I hate just sitting and waiting for him to arrive. Things have gotten a little bit weird around the house, when I leave a room I will come back to see that things are not in the same place I left them. I am starting to feel as if something or someone is watching me, it must just be my imagination. Daniel is not staying home with me because we are one week away from the baby's due date and he wants to be here to take care of
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