Personal Narrative: Moving To Bath, England

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I wanted to talk to you and tell you what I’ve been up to recently. I just moved to Bath, England about five days ago, I’m currently staying at a bed and breakfast. I was headed to another hotel at first called the Bell and Dragon but as I was on the way there I found a bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast is in an area with tall house, large white pillars, the paint is peeling off of the houses, there are no stores on the sides of the roads by the bed and breakfast. It’s very very cold here. I decided to stay at the bed and breakfast because it was very housewarming to me from the yellow chrysanthemums to the velvety curtains to the parrot and the dog who were sitting in the living room, oh and I can’t forget the bright fire burning into the hearth. As I've been staying here I have noticed many things that have made me curious and feel unsafe about staying here. When I rang the doorbell the lady swung the door open before I could even take my finger off of the doorbell, the words bed and breakfast were written over and over again and looked as if they were black eyes staring at me, she’d stuffed her animals after they died and has them for decorations in the living room, the coffee here tasted of bitter almonds, and there have only been two people in the past 4 years or so, when I tried to turn from the doorstep it was as if I were compelled to the door.…show more content…
The words bed and breakfast over and over was pretty crazy to me I still don’t quite understand why it was like that. The women stuffed her animals after they died, that right there has completely made me wonder about her. It makes me think she may possibly stuff me when I die or even kill me. Who in the world would stuff the animals and use them for decor. It’s one of the craziest thing I have ever
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