Personal Narrative: Moving To Egypt

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"Live in that desert?!" I retorted. I stood appalled as my parents repeated their proposition to move to Egypt. In my teenage pugnacious mind that was equivalent to, not a punch in the gut, but a roundhouse kick to my very soul. Born and raised in America, I spent 13 years proudly embracing the pure American I thought I was. On the other hand, I completely refused to acknowledge the existence of the other half of my nationality, the Egyptian half. I truly believed Egypt was "that pre-historic desert that I was forced to visit every couple of summers". I would count the days until I was freed back to my natural habitat. The reason why I couldn't stand Egypt was because it was foreign to me; it was a place I had trouble understanding the language and the people.…show more content…
Being the child I was; I hadn't bothered to understand my heritage, learn where my ancestors originated from, or even adapt to the society. I couldn't grasp the idea that my family would willingly choose to visit and remember "this desert". Fast forward four years later to a self-confident, proud, mature adult. I have never been more thankful for the way things played out. Moving to Egypt was truly my transition from adolescence to adulthood. The short story is I moved to Egypt to start high school and I honestly believed that my parents were purposely trying to inflict emotional trauma on me. I hadn't only switched continents, I switched planets. I couldn't understand people but not because of the language barrier. People interacted differently. The first year was the hardest because of several factors that decided to take place. Maybe it was the hormones that decided to go into overdrive or the culture shock that hit like a tsunami but without this experience, I wouldn't be who I am today. This event marked my transition from childhood to adulthood because it allowed me to see the world through a different
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