Personal Narrative: Moving To First Town

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I’m sitting on a bench, under the blue sky, clear and beautiful; feeling the breeze gently blows through my skin and the silence covers the atmosphere, enjoying the relaxing moment, which I prefer to describe as “peaceful.” I find myself so comfortable, safe, full of content. I wonder how long I haven’t experienced this relaxation.

I’m reading chapter 2, “Destiny and Expectation” of the document “Ewald's ideology” on my tablet. It’s my homework throughout the weekend. “Letters from Edward”

“Children are expected to fulfill their duty. We, the society, have given you great opportunities to learn and grow. We, with all of our kindness, give you your destiny. You, the ones that receive everything, should be aware of your duty. Show us your respect
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I should, I’m supposed to happy. I’m happy. My parents are proud of me. Me either. I’m notably selected to be a lawyer; an exceeding important job assisted the Government.


February 23rd, 2220

I’m packing my stuff, ready to be transferred to the First Town, where I will work in the Law Office. I graduate with an exceptional degree, that’s why I can go to First Town to work.

I stop at my house to visit my parents before moving to First Town and decide to stay for a week. I look at my house, it’s still a small wooden house, with a small garden in front where dad used to plant roses, only used to, now everything changes, roses are replaced by Forget-me-not flowers. I don’t like blue, I prefer pink and red, they make me feel warm. It’s been ten years since I last saw them; I wonder what they look like now, do they change?

Mom opens the door for me, not forgetting to give me a tight hug. Dad stands behind with a smiling face. He is smiling, but it doesn’t show satisfaction or jubilation. It’s merely a strained smile, to conceal something, I don’t know, but I can feel. At my school, I am taught that as a lawyer, we’re proscribed to conclude anything without evidence or justification, “subjective” isn’t tolerated, “feeling,” likewise, isn’t
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