Personal Narrative: Moving To Fresno

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During summer vacation my family moved to Fresno and I was so excited because there were a lot of kids playing outside. I went to a game that people were playing and they called it, kick the can. I went up to the person who picked the teams and asked if I could play but he said "you can't play because your to chubby". I felt so sad because nobody has ever told me that so I went back to my parents.

After that day I wasn't able to play kick the can until there was a new family moving in and a kid about my age. I walked up to him and asked if we could be friends because I didn't have many here. He said "sure", after I heard him say yes I was really happy and excited. He invited me to play kick the can and then I said I can't.
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So I walked away but Francisco said if he can't play I wont either. So Carlos walked up to him and said Miguelito wont play.

Carlos was mad at Francisco because of me and I wanted to stop it, but I couldn't. Francisco yelled by saying alright then if Miguelito doesn't play I wont either. Then we left somewhere else even his brothers and sisters went with us to go away from Carlos. Carlos kept on staring at us and he said fine Miguelito can play. We all ran with joy to go play kick the can. I can't believe it, its going to be my first game of kick the can. I was really exited to play.

After that day I wanted to do something good for someone because it could encourage kids to do it. I went to school one day I was playing I was playing basketball with my friends. This one kid wanted to play but the picker of the game didn't let him. I said to him "if he can't play I won't either" and then I left with the kid to go play another game with me. We had so much fun that the kid who didn't let him play wanted to play with us. I want to keep on encouraging kids to do nice things for other
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