Personal Narrative: Moving To Illinois

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Rosewood. The school I'll be attending for the rest of my three years of high school, and to be completely honest, I'm not al that excited. I'm not good at making friends, which usually ends up with me being alone. Last year I made two friends, Isabelle and Roy. That's only because I had to do a group project with them second term, sure they were nice and welcoming but I never talked to them, I'd smile and wave in the halls or exchange small 'hello's' but other than that I was alone. The only good thing I can think of is that I could have a new outlook and not that of -what the school called me- 'Emo' and I'm not. Perhaps moving to Illinois could be a good thing, but if I get labeled a Emo again it's 9th grade all over again. Three days from now I'll be on my way to my new home.. My mom is really excited so I won't protest on the subject, though when they told me.. I was so shocked, but not only that is that I refused to leave and locked myself in my room, however I ended up staying sorry and after that I just kept my mouth shut. My dad works for a computer company and he's getting shipped to a new Co. because they need help with programing and other technology subjects. I envy my dad, he is so smart and I'm very proud of him nonetheless. My…show more content…
I guess you could call me lucky for having parents who care and always make time for me, sure I enjoy it when they take time from work just to spend time with me, and sure I like it when they praise me, but do I deserve it? I've never did anything important like them. I've always thought of myself an equal with everyone else but truly, am I? My parents are so amazing, and here I am, people know my parents name, nobody knowns my name. True I am only 17, I'm not expected much but still. I'm sure my time will come when I'm ready, but for now, I should just
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