Personal Narrative: Mr. Barrington

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Everyone has that special someone in their life, someone that they trust and is always there for them. For me there is one person in particular that has had a profound impact on me; my high school soccer coach, Mr. Barrington. He is a great friend and mentor who was an influential part of my high school years and continues to be today. We share many memories both on and off the soccer field. These remembrances, whether good or bad have been worth it because no matter what the outcome Mr. Barrington always sees the bright side and makes every moment memorable. As you can see, my coach and friend, Mr. Barrington is an important and special person in my life for many reasons. My high school years were a pivotal part of my life and having Mr. Barrington as a mentor and coach made the experience much more fulfilling. In high school, Mr. Barrington always had an open door policy for any advice needed, whether for sports, academic or personal problems. I took advantage of that policy on many occasions and became extremely close to him. He guided me through some rough times, staying committed to helping me through to the end. One advice that he would always say…show more content…
Barrington was my high school soccer coach for three years and had confidence and faith in my skills as a player. One common interest we have is the love for the game. He was a devoted coach, I was a dedicated player and our goal was to enjoy the game and strive to do our best at what we treasured most. He was committed to the team and no matter the outcome of any game he always stayed positive and instilled those values on every player. Team spirit was important to him and he often took the whole team out for dinners. Memories of those times are something I will never forget because of the personal touch he added to them. The pep talks, the encouragement and even the criticisms during our dinners made them much more exciting. These and other memories are something I will look back on with a
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