Personal Narrative: Mrs. Symans

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In my life there have been many times where I have been taught important lessons or supported by others, but my most prominent memory is from sixth grade choir. In this moment in time, Mrs. Symans taught me a very important life lesson about attitude and hard work. I initially did not appreciate this because it upset me, but as I continue to progress through school and life, I’ve realized how much this particular memory, along with the help from others, has helped me over the years. Like most lessons learned in life, I learned this one the hard way. It all began in choir during my sixth grade year, when a group of choir students were taken to sing at an event around Christmas and I was not invited to go along. Many of my friends were invited on this little trip, and I was confused and upset to why I was not taken as well. So my mother and I decided to ask my choir teacher, Mrs. Symans. She replied to us saying that, while I did sing well, I did not have a good attitude and I sometimes didn’t put forth my best effort on different projects or presentations. Now, being the sensitive person that I am, this hurt my feelings and…show more content…
Because of my work ethic and attitude, I have been given so many different opportunities, not only in music, but in academics as well. My most recent achievements have been an Excellence award at a Model United Nations conference, a Best Advocate Award in mock trial, and my acceptance to the District Chorus festival in 2016, being the first sophomore to attend in four years, a goal I have wanted to achieve since being in seventh grade. And I know, none of this would have been possible if the little girl behind it all had never been given the reality check she needed to accomplish it. This one small moment in time has grown into years of hard work that has helped me through good times and bad, and has helped me achieve the goals that I have set for
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