Personal Narrative: Ms. Bor Changed My Life

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I stood in a uncoward building of, well I don't know what. My school was on a history field trip to look at castles build in the mid evil time period . I looked blankly round trying to find any answers on the paper give to us by Ms. Bor. I wish something would happen something from Percy Jackson were Ms.Bor is a kindly one or something and make my life remotely interesting, but I had no such luck. "Mis.Tracy York, have you even started on your project? It's due right when we get back after 2:10 p.m, you do know that right?" Ms. Bor said angrily making me jump . She had her thin brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun today, her hazel eyes give me a questioning look. I hated that look, it made me feel like I wasn't doing anything…show more content…
The man that stood next to him had jet black hair not one hair looked out of place, his innocence green eyes held a smile in its own he didn't smile.Why does everyone look dThere was a brass plaque next to it. Reading the plaque it read. On this joyful day King Kevin made an ally with the Wolf King, may it last for ever. June 10,1462. I looked on my paper to find a question about that. Before I could forget I wrote it down. In your face Ms. Bor I did do something. I next found the crown King Kevin wore in the painting, with one had dents in it unlikely the one in the painting. This one told the story of his death. Something about fighting gallantly to save his kingdom, but failed in the final days by having been murdered by his wife. Wandered till I found a window unblocked of glass. I took one deep breath of the fresh air. From up here I couldn't my imagine couldn't help, but see what it was like in 1462. The King at the time, looking down on his kingdom. I knew power invited people's heads like a illness. Could that be what happened here? Or was his kingdom just taken over like the plaque said? Who was the Wolf King when this went
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