Personal Narrative: Ms. Davis Dog

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On 10/08/17, at approximately 12:08pm, I Deputy Warden N. Christian with Franklin County Animal Care and Control was dispatched to 3470 Fishinger Mill Dr on a dog on dog or cat attack, no known owner. I arrived at the location and spoke to complainant Holly Davis. Ms. Davis stated she is dog sitting her parent’s dog. She was taking out the trash and walking the dog. Ms. Davis approached the apartment complex dumpster and saw an unknown female with a Chihuahua (white/brown) at the dumpster. Ms. Davis stood a distance away to allow the unknown female to throw her trash away. The Chihuahua was off leash and approached Ms. Davis and her dog, the Chihuahua snuffed the other dog, and for no reason the Chihuahua bit Ms. Davis dog. The unknown
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