Personal Narrative: Ms. Silverfox's Case

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It was a dark and stormy night when the woman entered my office. Ms. Silverfox slinked into the room, legs up to here. I was reclining on my chair smoking a cigar when the Broad slapped a wad of bills on my table. By eight o’clock she was done rambling about her case and it seemed like a easy fix. Little did I know this easy fix that pertained to her marriage annulment was covering much more than a cheating husband. I had been hired to go undercover in a covert investigation to find proof that her ex-husband had swindled her out of a million dollars. I had my suspicions against Ms. Silverfox’s motives, but I took the case. What could I say? I needed the dough. The woman was far from guileless and I knew there was something up her sleeve. But
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