Personal Narrative : My Alaska Trip

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Benton Jones
Core 3
Memoir Assignment

My Alaska Trip

Alaska is one of two states not connected to the U.S. mainland. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to visit Alaska because they believe it is either too far away, too cold, or too undeveloped. People think that is a place where you have to hunt, fish, or catch your food because there are no Walmarts or Targets. My trip destroyed my belief that it was an unexplored land with no opportunity for development, but on the contrary, it has a lot of potential and is already a great place to visit. Throughout my trip I visited Denali National Park, went on a Holland America cruise, and went to Seattle.

It was about a year in advance that I was told that we were going on trip to
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When our bus pulled up we hurried onto it. I didn’t exactly know what we were doing, but I was still excited because it was something new that I haven’t done before. The bus was soon full of people eager to go to the excursion. When our bus pulled off the highway to a small gravel parkway next to a river I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a lady that met us as we got off the bus and led us toward a small shack and what looked like a meeting hall. She explained that the small shack, which was only about ten feet by ten feet on the sides, had housed four men for part of a winter when they were hunting and got lost. We passed by a cage, however I didn’t see any animals. The lady led us inside the bigger building to where a man was waiting. They served us hot chocolate and donuts before they began talking. After everyone had refreshments they began to explain that a lot of people in Alaska, especially in the backcountry, still had to hunt for every meal. They would go out for long periods at a time to get food to support their family because the nearest grocery store would be miles and miles away. They then spoke about the native wildlife of Alaska and showed us pelts of animals that they had killed or found. We were allowed to buy the pelts, though I would rather save my money for something else. After that we were escorted outside to the big enclosure. I now saw that there were two reindeer roaming around. We were given food to feed them with and when I
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