Personal Narrative : My American Experience

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Gerson Vasconcelos Dr. Daniel Glenn American Experience April 9, 2015 My American Experience Studying in a foreign country is an interesting experience of an individual lifetime. One tends to learn a number of things relating to ways of life in a foreign land. Social, political and economic values and aspects are usually different from one region to another. Therefore, through studying abroad one is able to learn different issues about another society such as gender and sexuality issues, social class and race/ethnicity issues. Having come from a developing country studying in the U.S.A has been a great experience personally. This paper will attempt to provide a reflection of my personal experience on studying in the U.S by comparing the history of Angola and the U.S. Living in America has been a life changing experience. I come to the United State of America on a government scholarship. There was a competition in the government back home in Angola to get a scholarship program for the best students. The students were given a scholarship to go and study in different countries overseas. I participate in the competition and than after the scholarship selection process I was one of lucky student to get a full scholarship to study in the U.S.A. In the beginning of my journey My main goal was to learn how Angola could develop democratic institutions after many years of civil war. I had high expectation as arrived in the U.S.A. Those expectations included thing like meeting
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