Personal Narrative: My Army Journey

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On this journey called life, nothing is given and everything is earned; there are so many obstacles that I have overcome and many more that I will face in the future, but all is worth it to achieve the ultimate goal known as success.
On June 2, 2014 my life changed tremendously. I left high school early to go the United States Army Basic Combat Training. I got on my first plane ride and even got loads of free food. Everything was all cool until I arrived on Fort Leonard Wood military base.
“Run, run, run” the drill sergeants yelled.
Instantly, I thought to myself what did I get myself into? I was running and I did not know where I was running to. I looked back and one of the drill sergeants were coming full speed at me; out of all the people
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I thought to myself “God please let us be going for a long ride somewhere”, after all those hours of standing my legs were giving out on me. A minute later the drill sergeants told us to pick up our bags. They made us file onto the buses in a timely manner while keeping our feet moving and running in place; we did it quick, fast and easy. On the bus we had this short little fun sized drill sergeant, she said “all of you close your eyes and put your face in your bags.” I thought she was saying this to try and act mean and try to prove a point, but she was actually serious. After about ten minutes of riding the bus stopped. The drill sergeant said “alright you have five seconds to get off my bus five, four, one…. you better get off my bus; hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!” Everyone was stumbling all over each other, falling on our faces getting off the bus. Once again we were running and did not know where we were running to; I was so out of breath I felt like giving up and just walking. I was breathing as if I were as big as a…show more content…
It had a stage in it and about five drill sergeants were standing on it and then there were a few drill sergeants on the ground with us. They made us drop our bags and grab a water bottle that was on the ground in front of us. They said “drink all of the water, all of it!” I was gulping my water you could probably hear it going down my throat if you were standing beside me. The drill sergeants then said “pick up your bags, hold them on top of your heads, and if you drop them you better drop with it too.” When they said drop with the bags they meant get down and do pushups. Thankfully, I never dropped my bag but my arms were quite
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