Personal Narrative: My Artbus Trip

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On my adventurous “Artbus” trip, I decided that my second trip this semester would be spent in Washington, D.C. viewing all of the work in the capital’s galleries and museums. I spent a day viewing some really wonderful artwork and it all started at McLean Project for the Arts. I had never been to this gallery located in the McLean’s Community Center. Presented at the McLean Art Society Juried Exhibition, the Same bit Different: Creative Morphology, and Wanderer: The Travel Journals, Works by Maria Karametou. It was in the gallery is interesting to see the work selected for each gallery. Some of the pieces that struck me the most were works by Laurel Lukaszewski and Tom Green that was a part of the Same but Differen: Creative Morphology exhibition.…show more content…
I really enjoy the exhibitions they present in their gallery. The current exhibition they have going on right now is Renee Stout: Wild World. Her artwork is pretty amazing and the overall theme a saw across her work was rather dark and eerie with this overall mystery of magic being expressed within her work. Pieces like Elegba and the Pearl Gourd, Erzulie, and Incantation #6 (The Alchemy of Healing) all embody the presence of magic. Her work also seems to step into the realm of dark magic when looking at the works that have machinery presented in them such as Soul Catcher/Regenerator and her dated art piece, I Peeped Your Demons: Succubus. It is interesting to see how her work progresses through this timed era of dating back to maybe the 1800s to a more modern magical realm. It was a different emotion and visual experience when I saw work by Graham Caldwell at G Fine Arts. The current exhibition, Invisibility Cloaks was quite fascinating to have the pleasure of viewing. His work was interesting due to his concentration with different types of glass. It was interesting to explore his process through his work with glass such as Polymorphous Light Eruption, Slumped Mirror Box, and Shattered Mirror Box all revolve around glass and could have been made through heating or cracking the glass in his work. It was rather fascinating to see how my reflection was depicted when looking into his artwork by the…show more content…
After working on a recent website redesign for a class project, I came across the Irving Penn exhibition being held at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and knew it was definitely something I wanted to see and write about for my paper. Beyond Beauty was probably by far my favorite exhibition! His work is absolutely amazing all of the color enriched photographs on display and great monochrome photographs really set off an era of his history in fashion photography. Some of his photographs Red Rooster, displayed such a contrast in his collection due to the high contrast and saturation of color compared to Bee, which was a dull contrasted photograph. I feel like it was a little hard to look at anything else because the exhibition was so amazing and strong interest of mine. I also found on the 4th floor, the Luce Foundation Center to be quite interesting. The artwork was different in color and the saturation of hues. It was a nice painting that expressed a different emotion of beauty with works like Snake Charmer by Dennis Burlingame and Green Chinese Jar by Ruth Payne
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