Personal Narrative: My At Arlington High School

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Although I would not have considered myself a leader when I entered Arlington High School, I can safely say that the past four years have changed me into quite the opposite. As I gained confidence in my abilities to lead and make a difference throughout high school, I began to take more initiative of my impact on the community by running for leadership positions and tutoring.
I started by running for sophomore class secretary at the end of freshman year, which, due to my inexperience or lack of popularity or subpar campaign poster-making skills, didn’t work out. However, I was not deterred, since the next year I ran for secretary of Math League (and won!) and tried my hand in tutoring geometry and biology. Sophomore year was also the year
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At this point I was also president of Math League and serving as editor of Arlingtonian for my second year. By the end of junior year I was looking for even more ways to affect my community in a positive manner. I was writing applications for summer camps, and had discovered through hours of self-searching and wallowing in my mind that I really did care about leaving a legacy, even in a small way. Then I had a brilliant idea -- either brilliantly meaningful or brilliantly trivial depending on who you are --, that I would start a new Save the Bees club. I brought the ideas up with my friends, who were nothing but supportive, and quickly established a basis of what we would do. I found an advisor, Mr. Polotaye, and after a few forms and a quick meeting with Mr. Fanuele himself, we were made an official club, with this year as our first. I’m truly excited to see where the club will go, but I’m even more excited about what I could do with it. We could raise funds for a bee activist organization, or hold bee-related awareness events, or maybe just plant bee-friendly flowers in the courtyards. I am thrilled that I will be able to leave a lasting make on Arlington in the form of a club, but above all I’m glad to have made a positive impact on my community in more ways than
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