Personal Narrative: My Aunt Jessica's Death

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On April 9, 2012 something happened I never thought would happen. It was the day after easter and we got a call saying my Aunt Jessica had gotten in a bad car accident. That was all we had known and at that point she was breathing and had a pulse. But when they pulled her out and moved the steering wheel out of the way, they lost her pulse. They said they tried to do everything that they possibly could to keep her alive. There was no possible way that they could keep her alive but if she did she would be paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the rest of her life and we knew that’s not the way she would want to live. She would rather be dead than alive so it was probably a good thing she didn’t make it, I mean I hate to say that but it’s the…show more content…
And she would always say oh my gosh she said Aunt Duh so from there on out I had always called her Aunt Duh. Yeah it sounds dumb but I could care less. She was the most kind, caring person I have ever met. She always wanted to help other people before herself. She had always wanted other people to be happy, she wouldn't want us to cry but it's hard. Losing people you love is horrible. You never expect it to come, but you always need to treat the people you love good because you never know when they will pass away. What if one day you get in a huge fight with someone and the next day, or not even a day they pass away? Won't you feel bad, It's hard enough to lose them and be at good terms but the fact that you weren't and good terms makes it so much harder. Anyways like I was saying she always would put other people first and she would put herself…show more content…
That didn't do anything but make me upset. That led me to be angry. I had so much anger built up inside me that I would take it out on anybody. I didn't care who it was or where we were. All of that built up anger led to depression. That was the worst stage of grieving . I was always crying or upset. I mean I still have depression due to losing my aunt. You will never get over something like that. I mean yeah it gets easier as time goes on but it never gets 100% better. Whenever I was sad I would bargain and pray. I would always say stuff like If you bring her back I will never do this or that again. I would plead for god to give her back, but it doesn't work like that at all. I still do that if I get in trouble I will beg to get her back but I guess it doesn't work like that. After the first year I finally started to accept that she was really gone. Yeah a year is a long time but it took that long. I needed the time to think and it is how long you need to recover not how long people want you to
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