Personal Narrative: My Autobiography

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At any age is difficult to know what is your purpose in life, or what you want to do with your life; when you start growing up, and hormone start to kick in all your ideas changes and develop but nether knowing what exactly you're looking for!
Luckily at a young age, immediately discover a passion for oceanography, so once I finish High School I decided how could I improve my future, and the best choice was to leave my city and go to the lend of opportunities, America.
Got my ticket for the month ahead, like this I could prepare my self emotionally and mentally, and when the time come, I got on the plane and the next day I arrived at New York City; I live with my father but I can basically say that I live alone, with work and all i rarely see
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Once i head my job set up I decide head to dedicated to find a university to study my dream, and I come up to Kingsborough Community College, that was near the ocean and given me lot of hope, so I decide to make an appointment, once I came and discussed my interest with the consultant i immediately been disappointed that in NYC there is no Marine Biology classes, and that at Kingsborough Community College they removed the class the year before; since I was lost on what to do at the moment they given me a wonderful option, by doing one or two semester at their college (like this I can learn the america system of study, and improve my english) and one I have enough credits I can move to an other college that could be specialized in marine biology.
Once every thing was clear, i only needed to take an exam and pass it to be an a class and start college, the exams consisted in: one essay, reading test and math, unfortunately I only pass the reading test and the math, that moved me to do summer school to try to recuperate the writing test, at the day of the exam, i manage to re fail the test, causing me to take an extra
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