Personal Narrative : My Beautiful Girl

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When I first met DJ at bowling, I thought that she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I had seen her in a picture before I and thought she was really pretty, but seeing her in person was completely different. I tried not to pay much attention to it since I had a girlfriend, but it was something about the way she carried herself and how she was never without a smile that intrigued me. Not only that, but I didn’t think that a Sophomore would want to date a Freshman, especially considering how dorky I looked with my long hair and baggy American Eagle hoodie. However, the difference in my confidence with her compared to with my girlfriend, Briley, at the time was completely different. It put me in a position of being more social…show more content…
That on top of the fear of talking to people was a terrible combination that affected me negatively. Although it was hard to determine how I felt, I knew that I felt love. We both fell for each other fast, but I know it was her that fell for me first because she didn’t care about my flaws or what I was going through. She wanted to make me happy and help me in any way possible. One time at bowling practice, she looked at me curiously. She asked me, “Is there something you want to tell me?” I became nervous and when I put my hands in my pockets, I said, “I love you.” She was really happy when she said that and said it back immediately. No matter what she helps me through those days and makes me feel wanted and loved indefinitely.
Towards the end of freshman year, a situation came up to where we weren’t allowed to see each other over the Summer. An immature and childish decision to sneak out late and night became a dire and tremendous consequence that hurt the both of us. Her dad came over and when he said that I couldn’t see her that summer, I started to shake and thought, “What am I going to do without her?” I remember seeing her in the hallways on the last day of school and she would not even look at me. It put a strain on our relationship and my Sophomore year was a tough year for our relationship. It wasn’t that we fought or anything, but there were days that sadness and anger were all that I felt. It wasn’t just her either, as I did this with
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