Personal Narrative : My Best Friend

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“No! No!,” I screamed hysterically. “Emma! Wake up, wake up, you 're okay now, we’re safe now. We are safe in the Tent Cities ” Ella reassured me. When I arose, I saw Ella hovering over me. Ella has been my best friend since I was deported to this horrid tent city. My spouse and daughter died in the floods of Grimsdon. Every thought of them, cripples me with grief instantly, my heart and soul ached for my precious daughter and partner bring me to tears. Thankfully, I met . Ella, who, whilst she could never replace my biological Family, I feel she is now like a much-loved sister to me. She is the only light when there is so much darkness, surrounding us. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see two people hide from what I can see,…show more content…
find your Bindi, and I’ll be right behind you all the

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