Personal Narrative : My Best Friend

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I Threw my books on the bed and approached the jacket slowly, as if it were Andrew Garfield who would become my best friend. I couldn 't look away, I wanted to scream. The jacket would be my new best friend. The leather black and silver studs, the belts, and best of all being popular. This jacket is no ordinary jacket, this is my jacket. I heard steps coming up stairs, my mom stopped by and asked if I like it. I yelled yes with excitement and joy. She left, I stared at the jacket like when you see someone and you already know that you are going to be good pals. I put it on, and when I did I felt good, actually I felt great. I stepped away from the bed going into the bathroom to look in the mirror, I combed my hair, I couldn’t…show more content…
I felt fantastic so then I turned around and wrestled brownie. Brownie swooped up bit my shirt, luckily my jacket was inside. I pushed him off and ran inside to put another shirt on. I ran downstairs grabbed my jacket swung it on like how doctor strange does. I grabbed my backpack and ran upstairs one last time to see how good looking I am, and trust me I looked fantastic. I sat down to think about how lucky I was to have this jacket. That was the first best day of my life, The next day I wore it everywhere I went and everything I did with it on ended up great. We had our 6th grade math test,and guess what I got an B! I thought I would get an A because of my jacket, but B’s are still good. At recess the playground terrorist Frankie T walked over to me. He pushed me onto the hard and cold cement. Then he ran away. I couldn’t feel my, my, anything, except for the the big scratch on my back. I layed there thinking, why didn’t he congratulated me about being a cool kid now. Am I a cool kid? Or do close not make the man. Steve my best friend just stood there. Then just a couple seconds later I could feel the pain. I ran over to Frankie. He pushed me to the ground again, I got up. He pushed me to the ground again, that’s when I got mad. I got up he tried to push me, but I grabbed his hands and then I yelled at him and told him to never push anyone ever again, then I let go. When I was in 5th grade frankie T would still push me, the

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