Personal Narrative: My Brother And I Got To Mexico

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My brothers and i got to Mexico on sunday to meet our family that lives in Mexico. When we got of the plane i was talking so much i was saying ‘ whatare we going to do, does my granma live somewere borng, is there kids there, are they nice or mean’ i was so exited and kinda nervous but we found our granma and granpa wating for us.It took us a centruy to exit the airport,that was one of our problem then there was another problemlooking for there car it took us almost andour to fine the car aleast we found the car wen we got in we were craped inside the car.We were heading to thre house then these thoughts came into my head is there house,big,small,boring,or okey. I just had to wait,we fannally arrivedther house was big and there was alot of kids playing…show more content…
We only could light them at night we had a dissopted face then my uncle said w could light ones i have right now. We were jumpingup and down when we lit them they went bang,boom,bam i was still jumping up and down with eximent.A ady came out fro the store and walk to us she said hi to my uncle and look at us and said do u remmber me we had no clue who she wasshe luagh and said knukle heads im your aunt my brothers and i went oh yea. ther came another lady from her store she told us how big we were and then i said ‘your my aunt to’ she said ‘yup’, i was amzed meeting more and more people the summer was geting bettr and better we went to my uncle soccer games and every saturday we also played soccer with the kids inthe naighborhood wit kids fun but challeging also our uncle took us to a musem for me it look like an amusement park without the rides it was huge ther was three parts the first part was about history 1for me it was boring then came the siencepart my favriot te final partwas abot movie charcter horro,comedy.avengers.and marvel. after that wewent to a tower called thelatino tower it was boring but the view was amazing my uncle also took us to an amusement park i did not go on a ride cuase i was
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