Personal Narrative : My Brother Nick

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One time my brother Nick and I were going to get ready to play a hard, and tiring football game with our friends. My brother and I were all ready and excited because we were on the same team. I was getting ready to receive the ball from the other team. We were ready to throw, run, and catch the ball while moving down my yard. We were both good at football, at least we thought we were. The other team was also ready for the beginning of the game. When they first kicked off, Nick and I got a few yards, but not all the way to the “end zone”. We got lined up and my brother Yelled “HIKE” so I ran out and then slanted in and he threw the ball and I caught it. Nick and I yelled “Yes!” because now we were even closer to where we would get a…show more content…
Nick and I were sad, but it was OK because we were still winning by 7 points. We had to stay focused even when we were in a bad situation. When they had to kick off we were ready, Nick was up a little and I was back far. I could tell that they were going to kick it short, so I moved up but let Nick return this time. so I blocked for him. That was a good choice by both of us because we ran it all the way back to the end zone. We also kicked it short but we kicked it away from the other team so they would struggle to get it. It worked, so they got less yards than they usually would. They were about 30 yards from the end zone. so Nick and I were happy. On the next play they passed the ball and Nick tipped it away. Next they passed, but made the catch a few yards from the end zone. So next they ran the ball to try to get the touchdown, and they did. Now the score was 21 to 14 us. The game was almost over and there were about 7 minutes left. So we were trying to score some last points to be completely sure we would be in the lead. When we were getting ready to receive the ball from them, they decided to kick the ball short again. So I yelled to Nick “Leave it” so that we would not touch it and have the other team get it. Now we had about 5 minutes left and Nick and I were all ready to start. We formed a bit of a Circle, even though there was only two people. The play was a slant so that meant that Nick was the
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