Personal Narrative : My Canoe Journey

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I was a little annoyed at first right when we got to finally load up in the water. My canoe partner (Loren) and I waited in the water for easily an hour. It was miserable because I felt I was being teased. I was so ready to begin our canoe journey and we were just in the water loaded and we couldn’t because we had to wait for the people in the cars to come back. Watching all those boy scouts leave ahead of us made me nervous. The competitive side of me instantly wanted to make sure we got to the campsite before them. Loren was my canoe partner and we were off to a rough start trying to figure out how to steer. Once we got the hang of it we did well. I was in front as the turbo and she was maneuvering the canoe. On the way, there it was…show more content…
After we finished the game we ate some delicious S’mores. The only downside was that I had to cook my marshmallow off a stick. Therefore, I gave my stick to someone so that they could use it first and once I used it, it would be cleaner. Later, we got to have quiet reflection time. During this time, I thought about how cool it was to be on a camping trip with my fellow colleagues. Not many people can say that they’ve had this experience. I also thought about how I have been able to make it for an entire day already without using my phone. That made me realize that I need to start cutting down the amount of time I use my phone because I spend so much pointless time on it. I also got to thinking how pretty the stars, moon, and fireflies looked. I honestly never take the time to just go outside and look up at the stars and mood. It is honestly such a beautiful sight. Then I went back to my tent and talked to my tent buddies for an hour until we realized we were the only ones talking so we decided it would be best to fall asleep so people couldn’t hear what we were talking about. When I woke up I felt so sore, stiff, and gross. I had woken up about three times in the middle of the night, because I couldn’t get comfortable. Also, the morning dew which I was expecting not to be bad, was as bad as I remember it the last time I went camping. It was so gross waking up wet. My entire left arm also felt numb and I felt that I aged the fastest I’ve
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