Personal Narrative: My Case Of Cancer

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It all started when my Mom went on a retreat at St.Timothy church, when she meet a mother of two girls, Shanna Rodriguez-Torres. We then became close friends and met her daughter Bella, who would change my family's life forever. Bella had been battling a severe case of cancer during this time. When I met Bella she wasn’t famous there wasn't snt any cool socks, or anything, she was your normal sweet girl. Yet she wasn't nt how you thought, she battled cancer at age 4. because of that time she lost many of her memory. She forgot how to walk, talk and other things. The doctors said she would never walk or run again, she showed them she walked in a walker for a short time. Soon, very soon she was running and having a blast. That was few of her…show more content…
This is because what the cancer did to her and because she missed school a lot. Even though this all happened ned bella was a great person one of her best qualities was that she cared for others more than herself. Bella started a drive as she was sick in the hospital called the band-aid drive. Bella saw all the boring band-aids and wanted to get colorful ones for the kids. This was probably the most selfless act i have ever seen a person do in my lifetime. so you can see a better view she was going through kimo therapy and still wanted to help others. At this time Bella was my idol and my hero. At this point Bella’s dad had been a public speaker and would tell Bella’s story with Bella there. I remember one speech i went to where in the middle of the speech when he was going to talk about a more personal issue he had Bella go home with her sister and Mom. After this happened he let it all out he gave the complete story. He said how he felt and how he thought all was gone when he heard the news from the doctor. It was all over sadly she was just a lost cause. he had said with the power of prayer everything would turn out right. that is exactly what…show more content…
The cancer had been very aggressive and came in a flash. By this time I was extremely close to her and she had a new nickname for me homeboy. it doesn't sound like much but it was everything. She had got the name because we always called her our homegirl. She didn't understand it so in response she would smile “no you're my homeboy”. When I would hear this it made me happy to see her face smile. I was given a new name along with my brother we were Bella’s Homeboy’s. During this time the cancer was creeping on her to fast and everyone knew. Her knew home was the Hospital and it was the very sad truth. She was always smiling and positive, smile when getting a shot made me look like a four year old girl with pigtails crying at a scary clown.Very soon Raymond who is Bella's Dad started trying everything in his power to save his daughter. Raymond had contacted Joe Biden to see if he could help get a drug from canada to help Bella. The reason is it was not FDA approved in the U.S. Biden actually responded but couldn't get it done. Know the family wanted to be back home so with donations they were able to bring the hospital bed at home and transfer to home. I remember her always tired and droopy but with every chance she was able to get she would say “ m-my homeboys are here” with a grand smile which would lead us to tears. It was always very serious at the house and Rayna couldn't take it. She would always ask to stay at our house
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