Personal Narrative: My Childhood Blocks

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For this assignment, I chose to draw a picture of my own childhood block and where I am currently living as a full-time student. This is the neighborhood that I was raised in so I am very fond of the setting and surrounding community of that would be considered Harvey Park. The picture is drawn according to the location of streets; West Evens Avenue, and South Wolcott Court. Growing up on the Rivera Lake has given insight to many interesting individuals so having the opportunity to relate anthropology. Studying the human beings, biology, and other aspects in my own neighborhood made me evaluate human experiences more in depth than I normally would on a regular Sunday afternoon. My neighbors are quite the characters so it is nice to actually take the time and see what types of lives they are living. Being able to take insight during my experiences
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This neighborhood has great sentimental value to my family and I and was immediately drawn to this location for this assignment. I chose to observe my surrounding neighborhood block while taking my dog on a few walks around the block for about an hour. My neighbors probably thought I was insane because walking around the block about 5 or 6 times while writing down notes as to different things I observed wasn’t creepy. I drew an aerial view of the block and added a legend at the top of the page. I drew the streets, lake, lights, drains, stop signs and the amount of traffic flow that was experienced at the separate times of data collection. I found many similarities and differences in the physical architecture of West Evans Avenue, South Xavier Street and West Warren Avenue. The drains on the streets of Xavier and Wolcott were in the exact same place on the street. The street lights were also placed in strategically similar places all over and spaced out pretty
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