Personal Narrative : My Christmas Gifts

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As a young boy I had always wanted to go to the ocean, I didn't care where I just loved to swim. My father had decided for our special Christmas gift he would take us to Orlando, Florida, and eventually the Bahamas. My brothers and I never thought we would Experience anything quite like this. It was a crisp December morning, there hadn't been any snow yet, for Dighton rarely sees snow. I had gotten up to play video games before my bullies for brothers would kick me off of it. We had an Xbox back then, an original Stone Age version. It was getting close to Christmas time and the brand new Xbox 360 was coming out, man was I excited. My dad, Lloyd, gave us the illusion we wouldn't be able to dream of a gift like that for this Christmas and to think of another gift idea. Little did we know it was in his closet with the letters SANTA written on it. Before we get too far, I'd like to mention that my dad has been divorced for 4 ½ years at the time, and had just started to talk to Jeannie, my would be step mom. So he decided it was time for a getaway, he asked us our top five places to visit. Among those listed were: Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, The Bahamas, Yellowstone National park, and a few others. The cheapest and most beneficial trip according to cost was the Nassau Bahamas. Our trip would consist of a trip to Orlando, a 4 day round trip cruise, and a once in a lifetime experience. I had turned on my Stone Age Xbox and begun to play the newly minted Madden 09 video
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