Personal Narrative : My Classroom Management Philosophy

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My classroom management philosophy is a patchwork quilt of pieces taken from proven researched techniques and my own personal experience of methods that work. The goal is for students to be self-reliant and empowered. Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning is best achieve through effective classroom management. Content standards are not the only items education should teach. Skills needed to successfully navigate the road of life. Building in self-discipline skills will assist students later in life when students find themselves in a less structured environment. Establishing rules and enforcing them consistently, empowering students to oversee their educational experience, rewarding positive behavior, choices and forming a…show more content…
To some degree this can be managed at every level however, the older the students the higher the expectation of independence. Currently, I am the long-term substitute for a high school Math II class featuring mostly tenth grade students, the level of independence is expected to be high but in reality it is lower. The beginning out the year I provided a great deal of support to help keep students on task, organized, and to ensure all work was completed and turned in. As we have moved on throughout the year, I have pulled some of that scuffling allowing shifting responsibility onto the student and by the end of to the year hope to have created fully independent students who take ownership of their education. Rewarding positive behavior utilizing Skinner’s method, creates a culture of students who make positive choices. Skinner believed that education had two purposes to teach repertoires of both verbal and nonverbal behavior and to interest students in learning. Skinner believe that engaging the student is imperative to a positive educational experience. Skinner believed that rewarding positive behavior could empower students to take charge of their educational experience. Skinner thought that age appropriate skills through a series of steps. To begin with clearly specify the action or performance the student is to learn. Then break down the task into small
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