Personal Narrative: My Classroom Observation

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New with my observation is that I feel as though my target child has become a lot more comfortable around me and is continually coming to me and asking me to play with him and to help him with various activities. With him being more comfortable around me it has made for a more natural environment and feel for my observations and seems to be more comfortable when he knows that I am observing him or talking with him for various observations. Something else that is new with my observations is that the children in the class actually refer to me now as a teacher. They know their two normal teachers in the class but they now think of me as a third teacher and when I come in the classroom as me why I was not there the day before or when I will…show more content…
I can say with confidence that I do not get in the way and that the teachers are happy to have me in their classroom and are very thankful when I am willing to be an extra set of hands and help out when they need it.

There is not really much that I am struggling with for this field experience. I am enjoying being in the classroom and being able to observe the day to day life of what a classroom is really like. If I had to pick one thing about what I am struggling with it may be writing the summaries for the different observations. I am not entirely sure what the professor is meaning when she says to “Make sure your summary utilizes early childhood education observation terminology.” Is this just meaning we use appropriate terms for the types of observations, or
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The more that I am in the classroom observing, the more I am shown new techniques and ways to teach the children. I still believe that I have a lot to learn especially with the execution of presenting lessons to children and teaching the children to their specific developmental level but feel as though the more I am present in the classroom the more I will learn and grow. My communication skills with children and how to address the children have developed and grown greatly and I understand how certain students may need to be communicated with differently than others. I look forward to developing more and adding to my tool box for teaching to really become a well-rounded
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