Personal Narrative: My Cliques

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When I was bullied

These days, many people join forces against bullying. Now, many programs offer to prevent bullying and help stop it. Furthermore, policemen prevent this awful abuse throughout schools by going to each one of them and presenting what it is and how to stop it. They also bring comfort and security to those who go through it. Many people have shared their experiences and here is mine. I was in fourth grade in elementary and had my circle of friends. I also had a guy friend and we pretended we were a couple, but we were too young to grasp the concept of a relationship. In my clique, we were five: Audrey, Sarah, Frieda, another girl and I. Sarah and I were inseparable because we were born one day apart and we were notably alike. I was also close to Audrey since we were the head of the group. Since her family wasn’t so well endowed, we helped them out by giving some of my things like my scooter. The rest of the girls in the clique were kind and funny. …show more content…

That’s when the situation escalated. Audrey would come and pick on me with her minions snickering and encouraging her. At first, I would always reply with a witty comeback. That would provoke her since she wasn’t smart enough to understand them. She would then proceed to talk about how I viewed myself as superior and make a scene in the lunchroom. I didn’t like that kind of attention so I would pack my lunchbox and go outside to play with my remaining friend. But she had to take him away from me too. She kept spreading rumors about me, that’s when I stopped caring. Sometimes I wouldn’t find my books, nor my lunchbox and when my mother asked me where they were, I would lie and say I forgot them at school. Most of the time I would find the items the next day. I had gotten good at ignoring her. She didn’t deserve my attention nor my tears, just pity. That’s how I view people that must go so low as to hurt their friend’s feelings to get more

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