Personal Narrative: My College Career At Florida Gulf Coast

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Monday, August 20th of 2018 will be the first day of my college career at Florida Gulf Coast University! Not only does Florida Gulf Coast have my major but the campus is right next to the Gulf of Mexico which is great for a want to be marine biologist.The best part is that Fort Meyers is a small city but it's also close to Floridas best beaches and attractions. I can't wait to start my education at Florida Gulf Coast University. To start,Florida Gulf Coast is the perfect school for me the GPA you must have to enroll into this school is 3.94 and the ACT you must have is 21 I'm in arms reach of both of those.Florida Gulf Coast also was ranked in the 2016 edition of best colleges in regional universities they also have a 700 acre campus which…show more content…
If you had a tough day at school you can just walk out the front door to see beautiful Miromar lake.The actual classes are in separate buildings but they are very close to each other and there are restaurants inside the campus not including the ones in the dining hall.The best part about the campus is its run by solar power which is amazing. Lastly,the location is perfect, Fort Myers is next to Clearwater which has the biggest attractions in Florida next to Miami. Also not only is it next to a lot of attractions but Florida Gulf Coasts campus is 5 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico which is awesome to be able to leave campus and go to the beach.Also the weather in Florida is always warm I don't need to worry about snow or weather being below 30 degrees. In summary,Florida Gulf Coast University is the college for me because I almost meet the requirements to get in.Secondly, The campus is huge with plenty of clubs and cool dorms. Last, the location is perfect it's warm and near the Gulf of
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