Personal Narrative: My Conversation With Kc's Defense Attorney

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Sara, I have called a couple of times to discuss my conversation with KC's defense attorney, but you must be busy. Yesterday, Gabe called me wanting to know why I was not recommending SSODA and I explained to him all of the reasons that were laid out in the addendum. I further went on to say that while I agreed with him that he is in need of treatment, he would get treatment at JRA, if that is where he ends up. He adamantly disagreed with me and stated that KC would go without treatment at JRA, even on Parole. He attempted to put words in my mouth wanting me to confirm that I was not recommending SSODA because he would receive Tx at JRA instead, and I stopped him and said that I see how this conversation is going and I would not allow him to put me on trial. I reiterated that my reasoning for not recommending SSODA is in my eval…show more content…
I also explained to him that despite being in treatment with Randy Greene, and the family knowing that he must not engage with children 2 years younger than him, he continued to engage with the neighborhood children without
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