Personal Narrative: My Crossing

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My Crossing
What makes a student a good student? Typically we may think about a book worm stuck away studying in the dark as the “A+” standard. However, is that really what it takes to prosper in education? I believe that being an educated and intelligent person goes beyond book work and requires oneself to be sociable, confident, accepting, and prepared to face challenges. Recently in my senior year I have learned more about myself, and looking at one event in particular, realized how my ability to break a racial divide has prepared me for life after high school.
Being on Facebook, I read through the reminders of pre-season soccer practices. The Summer is still full of blazing hot days, and I had developed the habit of being nocturnal.
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He added that no position was permanent and JV would always have the chance of replacing a varsity player. This is the most nerve wrecking part in my mind, the exact reason that makes Varsity so challenging and special. 20 player positions being fought for with a soccer team of about 80--that’s 60 players waiting for you to mess up and prove they’re better. Anyways, the coach started listing name after name, “Danny, Julian, Duale…” and then the 12th name, “Wyatt.” After I heard my name I was pretty elated, but then one of my friends came up and congratulated me and said just loud enough for the Varsity squad to hear, “You’re like the first white guy to make Varsity since we were freshman.” Some congratulated me, and others made racist comments. However, that has been my overall sports achievement thus far in high school. My crossing from JV to Varsity that would break a racial divide. It has been, and is an on-going effort; and even though I am only out this soccer season for fun and exercise, I am proud of the title and accomplishment I carry. I am also proud that living in such a cultural community, I am always thrilled to meet new people and overcome any cultural barriers. This being one reason I hope to travel and experience ways of life around the globe. So consider this when reviewing applicants that will succeed in your multi-cultural university filled with
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