Personal Narrative: My Dating

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I am going to start off with the input that my father has never liked to idea of me “dating” anyone. I’d mention the idea of a boyfriend and he would flip out as if it were the end of the world. Sure, I had little “boyfriends”, if you could call them that. Like one when I was 4 playing t-ball, I thought Donovan was the cutest of them all and he fancied me as well, but it never went past that. Another when I was in 1st grade, his name was Colby and I guess it’s safe to say we had a “crush” on each other but after I moved away after 5th grade, we lost contact. My mom thought it was adorable but my dad had a tough time dealing. I understand now, he didn’t was his baby girl growing up too fast.
I don’t remember the exact date because at the time I didn’t want to seem crazy but I do remember everything else. It was the summer before freshman year and I had a major crush on a boy going into 10th grade. He was
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“Oh shush,” I told him, “you aren’t doing any better”.
The next week, I got all dressed up and met up at a local restaurant my brother worked at called Austin’s. I could easily say that it was and still is my absolute favorite. We ordered our food sat there and talked for hours. There were points in the night where I could feel people around us staring because of how hard we would laugh.
“You guys are idiots” My brother told us as he walked by to refill our waters and give us more corn bread.
Dalton and I sat outside at an adorable wire circular table with matching chairs and lantern lights strung from post to post. He was dressed in a flattering black short sleeve button up and medium wash jeans with his hair loosely staying in place with gel. I wore a short black skate dress and burgundy vans with my hair curled and pulled to the front. I have never been a person to wear dresses so I was slightly out of my comfort zone but my mom
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