Personal Narrative: My Day At Discovery Middle School

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It was a Thursday afternoon. As I stepped outside I could smell the fresh breeze of Spring air. I was excited that I got to miss the last 2 periods of school to go to my track meet. As the buses left to go to Discovery Middle school, I could feel all my excitement start to build up. When I was on the bus I heard someone yell my name. I turned around to find out that it was Kenna. Kenna is She came over and sat next to me.
“Are you ready to run the 220 meter hurdles?” Kenna asked.
“No, I’m worried, as I’ve never done them before.” I replied.
We arrived at Discovery middle school. I grabbed my bag and went off the bus. A tall, bald man, Mr.Benson started to approach me. It was my coach, Mr. Benson.
“Tristen, you will be running the 220 …show more content…

Kenna and I made our way over to the starting line. They put us into heats and the lane we would be running in. I was in the second heat seventh lane, and Kenna was right next to me. As the first heat went I could feel my stomach starting to ache. They called for the second heat. As I was walking to my lane, all I could think was, what have I gotten myself into? I went down to starting position the guy yelled “ready.” I could feel myself start to shake from how nervous I was.
“Set,” he screamed.
I heard the gun fire and ran. I attempted to jump over the first hurdle, consequently, I ended up falling. As I smacked my head on the concrete all I could see was black. It was like staring into a dark hole. It felt as if someone had hit me in the head with a baseball bat. As I opened my eyes, I could see Kenna’s facial expression, laughing at me. All I could hear was ringing. Confused, I quickly got back up feeling dizzy as if I was in a dream. I continued to run.
Nevertheless, I finished the race. I looked down at my knees and elbows and I saw cuts and blood.
Panicky, I asked Kenna “what happened? Did I fall?”
She brought me over to the trainer where they could help me. They didn’t do a whole lot other then tell me to sit out because I had a concussion. They gave me some ice to put on my head and some water. I took a drink of the water. It tasted ice cold and help numb the pain

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