Personal Narrative: My Day At UNC Wilmington

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I have had my mind-set on UNC Wilmington for a very long time now. There is many factors about UNC Wilmington that creates much interest and love for me. In 2014, my eldest sister enrolled into UNC Wilmington. I was very excited and happy because this meant I would get to visit the campus quite often. The day we moved my sister into her dorm was a day I will never forget. Seeing the campus first hand was truly amazing. After that day, I knew for sure I wanted to be a sea hawk. Recently in the fall of 2016, my second oldest sister was admitted into UNC Wilmington. After her first year there, she and my eldest sister rented a house with a few other friends. I now am able to go down to UNC Wilmington freely and see the campus I hope to one day
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