Personal Narrative: My Decision To Help The People Of Haiti

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Located in the Western Hemisphere, is a small beautiful island populated by people from all around the world. Unfortunately, this country and its people have suffered a great amount in multiple ways, ranging from devastating natural disasters to violent political regimes. In addition to those issues, this country is home to around one million orphans, constituting about 1/11th of its population. As a native of this poor country, I feel that it is my duty to aid as many of those lonely kids as possible; I am fortunate enough to have been afforded opportunities that these kids may never be offered, victimized by the lack of infrastructure of my country. For that reason, I try, whenever I can, to volunteer at local orphanages and devote as much of my time and resources as possible. I want to help the people of Haiti. I truly became aware of this overwhelming phenomenon in 2014: after having volunteered at the Sow-a-Seed charity, I realized just how many kids were left alone to face the world. From that point on, I…show more content…
I became very involved with the orphanage and always looked to improve the kids’ lives, because I can’t help but feel helpless when I see the thousands of orphans roaming the streets of Port-au-Prince, and helping those kids makes me feel like I am contributing, in one way or another, to the improvement of my country’s youth. I am someone who is very proud of my country and my heritage, despite all the negative aspects. Consequently, I want to help my nation and its people improve in every way possible: I want to help these kids realize their full potential and be at the origin of a future Jean-Jacques Dessalines, or Wyclef Jean. By being in the presence of those kids, I realized just how privileged and lucky I
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