Personal Narrative : My Dog, Loki

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I was alone in my apartment at 8PM. My dog, Loki; an Australian Shepard, was by my side on the couch. I live with my fiancé, but he 's currently at work. So I 'm home alone on the couch, waiting for my “Knight in shining armor” to come home. As I 'm watching the latest episode of Steven Universe,(Yes, I 'm a child. So what?) I hear a noise come from the front door. It 's too quiet to be able to tell what it is. Loki barks at anything that he hears out of the ordinary, so the fact he hasn 't moved puts me at ease. For now at least. It 's quiet for a while. For the next few hours, I 'm sitting, watching TV. The noise I heard earlier has left my mind entirely at this point. I 'm so relaxed I start to doze off. For three hours, I hold my dog and stare into space. Then out of nowhere, I hear it again. It 's louder now. A lot louder. I can tell what it is now. It 's the sound of nails scratching on the door. At this point, Loki noticed it too. He doesn 't bark like usual. He 's in between whimpering and growling. Like he 's scared, but knows there 's danger. I find this weird, because this dog isn 't afraid of anything. I stay silent. I hadn 't noticed it yet, but I was holding my breath. It 's times like this I hate living here. I 'm on the fourth floor of my complex building, so jumping out the window is out of the question. We also don 't have a peephole, so I can 't check to see what 's on the other side of the door without opening it. I then have the stupid idea

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