Personal Narrative : My Dream Of Traveling Came True?

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My dream of Traveling came true I woke up onto the voice of the pilot announcing “ We are about to be descending , so please all buckle your seatbelt and do not unbuckle till the seatbelt sing is off . It is about 3:56 pm in Frankfurt, Germany and its a nice 78 degrees outside . “ It was weird I woke up in another country . My first thought is what if I get lost because I don't read german and if i ask for direction I don't speak german . All that went away when mandi said “ we are here in a different country , I can’t wait to see all the history and meet people .” “yeah it weird to think history is right out this plane door.” I said. There was Frankfurt’s beautifully reconstructed main square with the famous Romer building. Romer is one of the city's most important landmark it is a medieval styled building .At the top in the middle of the Romer is a blue clock that chimes at every hour. This was our first stop ,We were waiting for my sister to come get us a take us to the Military base she lives on I was looking around at the main square . I imagined all the people who lived or worked here back in the 1800’s . This must have looked so different back then no cars, street lights , people taking in their phones . Just people were here just simplicity and history being made. We were driving up to the and had to stop at the visitors office outside was a sigh welcome to Ramstein-KMC Est. 1974 . We walked into the building others were in there so we took a seat .

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