Personal Narrative: My Eating Log

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Going into this assignment I felt as if it was too much work and I would not enjoy it. That was not the case I loved this assignment and the tasks were extremely beneficial. Some tasks I felt as if they were important such as Coping Strategies and the Eating Log. I also found tasks to be difficult for me like Unplugging myself for twenty four hours as well as communication. My fitness log needs improvement throughout my life. I was diagnosed with separation anxiety before leaving home to come to Western Michigan University. I found three coping skills that worked for me such as sleeping, listening to music, and calling my mother. I found my coping skills helpful, but also found the new coping skills that I discovered while completing…show more content…
I found the Eating logs to be helpful while completing these logs. The Eating Logs brought it to my attention that since being in college I harldy ever eat fruits or vegetables. I normally eat gressy foods like pizza, breadsticks, and chicken which are unhealthy for my body. I need to make heaklthier food choices such as eat my vegetables daily and control my portion sizes. The Eating Logs also made me notice that I am doing a great job taking my medications daily like my doctor requested. My eating habits affect me as a student myself being a freshman indiviuyals expect freshman to gain fifteen pounds. Many students make this mistake once entering college. As an employee if I continue to make unheraklthy choices will cause my co-workers to worry about me as well as my weight. For an example if I gain weight because of my poor eating habits it may cause me to miss work. Family is important and if I continue to live like this they will also begin to worry. A mother should never have to bury her child but if I continue to go down this path my mother might have to. If it was not for this assignment I would not have payed my eatoing habits any attention. I need to
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