Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Nurse

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During my college career, I had the privilege of working at Express Healthcare in Harriman, TN, under the supervision of many doctors, primarily Dr. Robert Taylor MD. To begin with, I was responsible for organizing and bringing patient charts to a physician when they were needed. After working at the clinic for several months, I was allowed to triage new patients, so that the attending physician would be better prepared to treat the patient efficiently. Triaging patients was a new experience that I enjoyed immensely. I learned from the patients that many of them were commuting from rural areas to get access to healthcare professionals. The majority of the patients I dealt with were recovering addicts. The most touching moment that caused me to want to push myself further and …show more content…

For many of the patients that I worked with this meant a full lifestyle change. It meant teaching them about the danger of taking pills to treat symptoms, because this often leads to addiction, especially with regards to pain treatment. My time at Express Healthcare has taught me that patients are more than just symptoms, they are people with lives and they make choices some good and some bad. A physician needs to understand this and help the patient solve the problem that is causing the symptoms. This could mean coming up with a diet or exercise plan, or in some cases giving the patient the hard truth and telling them that they have an addiction which needs treatment. My time at Express Healthcare impacted my decision to become a physician significantly, by teaching me that osteopathic medicine is more than just medicating a patient, it is also looking at a patients psychological health. I plan to work in a rural community upon graduation from Virginia school of osteopathic medicine, so I can make a difference like the physicians I shadowed at Express Healthcare are

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