Personal Narrative: My Experience At Impact Dance Studio

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The crowd is roaring with excitement, the backstage crew is scattering around, and you and your team are shaking with nerves waiting to be called onto the stage. My heart starts pumping a thousand miles per minute and I am completely overwhelmed, but once the music starts I am at home, where I’m most comfortable. The stage lights shined bright against the black marly floors, and with one last deep breath I gracefully ran out and took my place. I felt a number of things in the moment; but above all, it was joy. Complete and utter joy for my craft.
Dancing, in the simplest terms, can be defined as rhythmical movement to music. For me, however, it has held a far greater significance in my life that goes beyond any physical means. For as long as I can remember, dance has served as my escape — a way to momentarily proceed from reality, and become in touch with my mind, body, and soul. It is a freedom of expression; an art
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It is a highly competitive competition, and one of the biggest honors to receive this award. In the piece that won, I portray an outsider who, despite every effort to be accepted in the cruel word, is excluded from her peers who deem her to be worthless. Her character represents both youth and innocence of females; the two defining characteristics of our childhood that slowly fragment as we step further into adulthood. The routine, entitled “This Is What Makes Us Girls,” captured a very real essence of how deliberately mean teenagers can treat one another, especially girls. For a brief part of the choreography, the other kids finally accept her and realize they are all the same. The ending of the number she ends up alone, conveying a very real and powerful message — always embrace your unique characteristics and be true to yourself even if it means being on your
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