Personal Narrative: My Experience At Martha Brown

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My brain told me I was going to fail on the first day and until I walked into the school I believed it. As I entered the Martha Brown I saw that many of my peers were just as nervous as I was so I decided to give 6th grade a try and it turned out great. Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, frustration these are a few of the emotions I experienced at Martha Brown.
On the first day my locker surprisingly opened on the 3rd try. After that I didn’t know what to grab so I decided to bring my binder and my book. Most people said to go to homeroom. Once I got there my friends motioned for me to join them. I didn’t know it at the time but the girl standing across the room, looking extremely confused, would become one of my best friends.In homeroom Mrs.
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Mrs. Smith was loud and intimidating but was surprisingly funny at times. Mr. O’dell was laidback and kind, he was a lot like my old math teacher, Mr.Janicek. Mrs. Kilgore was strict and kind. Mrs.Kerkezis was a kind, funny,and caring teacher. The choir teacher, Miss Carroll, had an amazing singing voice and she was strict, funny, and kind. Mrs. Diperna always had a smile for me and always got us excited about a new activity. Mrs. Plandowski knew everything there was to know about cooking and was strict. Mr.Ramsey was funny and loud, like Mrs.Smith. Even though we only had him for a few classes Mr. Best was literally one the best music teachers in the world. The substitute for Mr. Best, Mrs.Aldridge, was strict, kind, and energetic. My friends Jenna, Bri, Sarah, Madi, Grace S. and so many others helped me through the…show more content…
I met my friend Jenna in science and we worked on our atmosphere song. Writing my Mars essay took a lot of time and effort. Sewing our footballs was difficult. Typing our fairytales was exciting and fun. Performing our plays and going to Yummies was amazing and was a totally new and exciting experience.
Whether I was smiling or frowning my MB family was always there. Although I may never know how to write a perfect essay there is one thing I know for sure I couldn’t have asked for a better sixth
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